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NOTE:  As of 2019, the City Ordinances have been reissued into a comprehensive Municipal Code Book, organized into standardized sections by the Arkansas Municipal League.

For the most accurate, complete, and current version of city laws & policies, please refer to this new Code Book. Scanned copies of the individual ordinances in the old system will be available here for historical reference purposes only.

Table of Contents

View the entire Municipal Code in PDF, or choose from the categories below to view individual sections.

Title 1: General Provisions
Title 2: Classification, Administration, & Personnel
Title 3: Fiscal Affairs
Title 4: Business Licenses & Regulations
Title 5: Health & Sanitation
Title 6: Animals & Fowl
Title 7: Public Peace, Safety & Morals
Title 8: Vehicles & Traffic
Title 9: Streets & Sidewalks
Title 10: Utilities
Title 11: Buildings & Construction
Title 12: Parks & Recreation
Title 13: Planning
Title 14: Zoning
Title 15: Subdivision Regulations
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