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Fire Chief D.L. Webb
127 Park Street | (501) 745 5757

Burn Ban Information: (501) 745-2333
911 Mapping & Address Numbers: (501) 745-3911
911 Non-emergency Info: (501) 884-6005

Fire Fighting Equipment
  • Engine 1 1250gpm / 1000gal 2001 E-1 Freightliner

  • Engine 2 1250gpm / 1000gal 2006 E-1 Freightliner

  • Engine 3 500gpm / 750gal 1971 Ford w/ Hale front mount pump

  • Truck 1 / Ladder 1500gpm / 750gal 1980 Hahn Snorkel/Ladder w/1250gpm Telesqurt

  • Truck 2 250gpm / 250 gal 2009 Chevrolet 3500 4×4 Utility w/ CET Foam System

  • Over 6000 feet of 3″ and 2 1/2″ Supply line – small amount of large diameter supply line

  • Approx. 2000 feet of 1 3/4″ and 1 1/2″ of fighting lines

  • Over 275 fire hydrants with over 2.5 million gallons of water in storage tanks

  • 16″ & 14″ water mains from the treatment plant to town with capability of moving over 12 million gallons of water from south of Clinton through town to north of Clinton in a day.


Department volunteers have been instrumental in a long list of fun, educational community programs varying from season to season, including the Archey Fork Easter Egg Blast, Family Movie Nights at the Park, fire safety events, and more. Your support for our team is always gratefully appreciated.

The Clinton Fire Department and its volunteers organize the annual “Scare on the Square” Halloween festival. The popular event encourages trick-or-treating & costume fun in the safe, controlled environment of traffic-restricted downtown. Admission is free and festivities often include a Haunted Fire Station, hayrides, costume contests, and music & dance.

National Fire Safety Council

The Clinton Fire Department conducts a Fire Safety Education Program in cooperation with local schools. NFSC is a 501(c)3 non-profit that assists departments in reaching students with materials & programs filled with life-saving information.

Contact the Clinton Fire Department to make tax-deductible donations to support this program, or click the button below to make an online donation to benefit the program in your local school district.

Program ID: AR 71-F-2

Hello and Welcome!

Our department has been in the past and is made up now of some of the greatest people I have had the honor to know.

Our firefighters each bring their own unique abilities, assets, and knowledge to the table. Some work or have worked as mechanics, carpenters, heavy equipment operators, brick layers, and other highly-skilled professions.

Some own and operate their own businesses and have knowledge in accounting or great skills dealing with people. We also have guys that have held public offices or aspire to hold offices in the future.

Having such a wide variety of people with personal knowledge of so many different situations helps protect all of us. Because of the diversity of our team, we have contacts with people and are able to acquire assets that would otherwise be well beyond our means. The wealth of professional skill our firefighters bring to the table helps educate those with less knowledge in a particular area and makes it easier for us to accomplish goals.

This is what makes our department work so well and capable to do a good job.

The Clinton Fire Department has three stations:

  1. Central Station – This is the main downtown station located at 147 Park Street. A better description of its location is at the intersection of Hwy 65B, Main Street, & Park Street. Located at this station is the fire department’s training room which is used for classroom training. The room is also used for other things such as council meetings, baseball / softball sign-up, and for training programs by other agencies — such as Arkansas Game and Fish for Hunter Education, the Arkansas Forestry Commission teaches wild land fire fighting classes, also for law enforcement classes. The classroom is available for use by about anyone as long as it does not interfere with the fire departments use.

    This station also houses Engine 1. This is a 2001 E1 pumper with a 1000 gallon tank and a 1250gpm pump. This engine also carries all necessary equipment to be considered by ISO a class 1 pumper. Also housed at the Central Station is Truck 1. This is a 1980 Hahn Snorkel Ladder truck. It has a 1500gpm pump, 750 gallon tank, and a 1250gpm telescopic tower. It also carries all necessary equipment to meet all ISO standards for a service truck as well as a class 1 pumper.

  2. South Station – This station is located at 199 Hwy 336 West, by the hospital. This is a single bay station and houses Engine 2. Engine 2 is a 2006 E1 pumper with a 1250gpm pump, 1000 gallon tank and also carries all equipment to be a class 1 pumper.

  3. East Station – This station is located at 1825 Hwy 16 East, at the VBC Fairgrounds. This is a two bay station with full bathroom facilities and houses Engine 3 and Truck 2. Engine 3 is a 1971 Ford truck with a Hale 500gpm front mount pump and has a 750 gallon tank. It carries all the equipment needed to be a Class 1 ISO pumper, but it does not have the pump capacity for a Class 1 rating.

    Also in this station is Truck 2. Truck 2 is a 2009 Chevrolet 3500 HD 4X4 Utility. This truck carries all necessary equipment to be a ISO rated service truck, it carries a lot of fire fighting equipment. It also has a CET skid unit made up of a tank, pump, and foam system on it, which makes it ideal for grass and brush fires along with structure fire capabilities. This truck has a 250gpm pump, carries 250 gallons of water, and has a 15 gallon foam tank.


The City of Clinton Fire Department carries a total of 3750 gallons of water and can pump over 4750 gallons of water per minute with our trucks. We also carry over a mile of hose for water supply and have almost a quarter of a mile of smaller diameter fire fighting hoses with nozzles. We have lots of other capabilities and equipment.

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