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Archey Fork Restoration Project
Phase II:

June 11, 2015 (Press Release):
The Conservancy has been working with many partners including the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Arkansas Canoe Club, local landowners, Arkansas Department Environmental Quality and the City of Clinton to restore a 3.2-mile stretch of the Upper Little Red River at the confluence of the South Fork and Archey Fork that was straightened and widened in the mid-1980s for flood control.

Phase I:

October, 2013: The Nature Conservancy of Arkansas has undertaken a multi-stage stream restoration project of the Upper Little Red River area, headed by Joy DeClerk and sponsored in part by Southwestern Energy. Chamber members and interested residents visited with the team about the process and walked the areas of the stream at different stages of completion.

The conservation work is rebuilding & reinforcing the streambed to prevent erosion & mitigate flooding in the conservation area and along adjacent properties. The improved channel will allow a clear flow to Greers Ferry Lake with reduced sediment.


Float VBC

Float VBC is a new regional program to provide public kayak and canoe launches on the floatable rivers in Van Buren County, and to provide the information necessary to ensure that visitors and locals alike can have a safe and enjoyable trip exploring our county and local rivers.

Float VBC is brought to you by collaborative effort of the Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of Clinton, Van Buren County, and We Love VBC.


Falls at Bluffton Preserve

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