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Clinton is a small town with big potential.

Blessed with a beautiful natural heritage and the valuable dedication of many hard-working hometown folks, we can all work together to help make the vision of a “new and improved Clinton” a reality for everyone.

Go out and explore!

Clinton is full of hidden treasures: natural, historical, artistic, and more. Exploring isn’t just for tourists! Let’s get acquainted (or re-acquainted) with what our community has to offer.

Support local business!

Small business is the backbone of America’s economy. When you shop locally, more of your dollars stay in the community. Supporting entrepreneurs in our community is a small step we can all take that plays a huge role in revitalization.

Make a difference!

Everybody has a part in sustaining and improving our community. Make your voice heard by participating in public municipal meetings and town hall gatherings.

There are many great ways to contribute your time and talents – consider volunteering with one of our outstanding non-profit outreaches.

Join the action!

The Clinton area has an active calendar of events year-round. From festivals to fundraisers, ribbon-cuttings to recitals, classes to cookoffs – attending local activities is a great way to mingle and keep our community life thriving.

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