Police Department

Office: 501-745-4997

274 Hwy 65 B, downtown Clinton

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John Willoughby

Chief of Police


  • Terri Hicks


    • James Burroughs
    • Eric Koonce
    • David Merriott
    • Jay Murdock
    • Derek Sanford
    • Scott Solomon

      Part-Time Officers:

    • Mike Curtis
    • Darell Ezell
    • Jennifer Miller
    • Ethan Rhoades

    See also:

    Van Buren County Sheriff's Office

    Scott Bradley

    Bulletins, Road/School Closings, Patrols, Investigations, Warrants & Alerts

    Clinton Police Tip Line

    You may contact the police department with your questions or requests, or to report suspicious or dangerous activity. If you choose, the information you send here may be submitted anonymously. Please CALL 911 in the event of an actual emergency.