Business & Economic Growth

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Groundbreaking partnership between the City of Clinton, Clinton Advertising & Promotion Commission, Clinton Area Chamber of Commerce, Van Buren County, We Love VBC, Greers Ferry Lake & Little Red River Association, and representatives of neighboring cities

Goal: To build a strong, vibrant regional community through hospitality, educational networking, small business development, tourism initiatives, and grant writing

The newly developed TOURISM BOARD represents the local team effort to grow our community through creative hospitality.

2018 Economic Development Overview

  1. Branded Tours: Develop 5 themed visitors packages showcasing major events & local attractions with loosely-planned itineraries. These pre-assembled tours organize data about our area are simpler to promote and more attractive to visitors. Each is targeted to a specific demographic market.
  2. Online: Design an official splash page for each of the themed tours, built into the Hub & the City websites ( to host video & media, & connect with social media & tourism resources.
  3. Promotion: Media kit development (digital graphics) and rotating social media campaigns for branding & search engine visibility. Featured promotions on official Facebook, Instagram, & YouTube pages, coordinated as possible with local display media & individual promotions on a regional & state level. Video production in coordination with the Greers Ferry Lake Association.
  4. Clinton Mini-Guide: Developed for launch in early 2018. Design will be a small, multi-fold brochure with eye-catching graphics & photography, showcasing the vents & attractions in the themed packages, with wayfinding information & local resources. These will be distributed to establishments across the area & at local events to promote visibility and ease-of-access to visitors, but will be available for welcome bags, welcome centers, etc. outside the area. Intended to be a long-term asset that is not quickly out of date.
  5. Billboard project: Integrate media with projected VBC/Greers Ferry Lake billboard series which will showcase area/seasonal attractions with multiple sign wraps at key traffic points. The first billboard is scheduled to begin construction at the end of 2017 at the Hwy 65 & 336 intersection in Choctaw.
  6. Networking: Coordinate media & schedule with the City of Clinton, A&P Commission, Chamber of Commerce, Uncommon Communities regional tourism board, and GFL Association. to facilitate planning & promotion and ensure timely circulation of advertising media.

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  • Highway 65 Sidewalk Lighting
  • Street paving (citywide)
  • Riverwalk Trails (Archey Fork Park)
  • 9-Hole Golf Course
  • Disc Golf Course
  • Auditorium Usage

Above: Mayor Richard McCormac observes an example of single track bike systems in Bentonville, AR during a recent visit to one of the nation’s mountain biking capitals. Small towns across America are using bike tourism to energize local economy. Clinton is on its way to becoming a more bike-friendly community! #bikevbc

  • Hwy 336/Greers Ferry Lake billboard
  • Hwy 65 Expansion
  • Archey Fork Restoration
  • Mountain Biking Trails
  • Auditorium Concerts

  • Hibachi Express (Feb. 2017)
  • Dollar General
  • Shane’s Southern Smoke
  • Casey’s (March 2018)
  • Eye Clinic
  • Wendy’s

Clinton is a small town with big potential.

Blessed with a beautiful natural heritage and the valuable dedication of many hard-working hometown folks, we can all work together to help make the vision of a “new and improved Clinton” a reality for everyone.

Go out and explore!

Clinton is full of hidden treasures: natural, historical, artistic, and more. Exploring isn’t just for tourists! Let’s get acquainted (or re-acquainted) with what our community has to offer.

Support local business!

Small business is the backbone of America’s economy. When you shop locally, more of your dollars stay in the community. Supporting entrepreneurs in our community is a small step we can all take that plays a huge role in revitalization.

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Make a difference!

Everybody has a part in sustaining and improving our community. Make your voice heard by participating in public municipal meetings and town hall gatherings.

There are many great ways to contribute your time and talents – consider volunteering with one of our outstanding non-profit outreaches.

Join the action!

The Clinton area has an active calendar of events year-round. From festivals to fundraisers, ribbon-cuttings to recitals, classes to cookoffs – attending local activities is a great way to mingle and keep our community life thriving.

Organizing your own event? Reach out for help in spreading the word! Submit your events to the Community Calendar: