2018: City Council Notes

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Meeting called at 6:30pm. Four members present. Bradley and Barnes were absent. Minutes and financials approved 4-0. Adjournment of meeting was at 7:21pm.

  • Airport – Alex Kienlen had nothing new to report.
  • Animal Control – Officer Tim Pike reported 6 calls with 2 cats picked up and 3 dogs. 10 warnings for no tags were issued. Lori Treat stated that the shelter was at maximum capacity. 28 dogs are set to go to Massachusetts. 14 dogs were owner surrendered. There is $1,500.00 in the bank account currently.
  • Fire – Chief Webb reported on a grass fire on 16E and a vehicle hitting a house on 65N. The department has been training last month, and the Easter Egg Hunt will take place in April.
  • Parks – Charles Wilson reported all is fine and removal of dead trees had been a priority.
  • Police – Chief Willoughby reported on 3 accidents, issuing 30 citations, and 29 warnings. There were 4 felony charges issued. A new car has been ordered for $22,500.00. There was some discussion on ammunition purchases.
  • Street – Charles Wilson reported on extensive work on dirt leveling and bush removal. He also discussed asphalt patching and street sign installation. He is working with Phillip Ellis on grant money to purchase a new diesel truck.
  • Water – Richard Hink reported on the 65 South project with the last day grace period being Feb. 20th. The Honey Hills project has 18 working days left in it. March 18 will be the bid day for the asphalt. The Pole Yard 16″ line engineering is complete. Pressure test will be this month and into March. Hwy 16 W is getting a replacement for an old galvanized line for 1/2 mile. CWB is getting a cost for Pine St. to Bruce’s Flowers replacement with a new water line.
  • Zoning – Phillip Ellis continues his work on ordinance structuring and reports that Metro Bass will be here in March. 3 new businesses are in operation also.
  • Old Business Committee appointments were made, with Hastings being placed on Budgets.
  • New Business A resolution was presented establishing procedural rules for meetings. Approved 4-0.
  • Mayor’s Comments The mayor discussed the liquidation of assets along with the rental for softball fields. Charles Wilson gave his input on the primary purpose for the fields being for our local youth. Mayor McCormac also discussed last month’s executive session on preparations for school violence. He left it up to the department heads to make such assessments. In addition, a memo will be sent to each department head on protocol for media relations for on-air interviews. Locations for driver testing facilities were also discussed. Councilman Pistole also wants to look at a Facebook policy for employees.


Meetings of the Clinton City Council are held the 2nd Thursday of every month at the Clinton Municipal Airport off Hwy 16 East. The public and all press & media are invited to attend. The heads of the municipal departments (Airport, Animal Control, Advertising & Promotion, Fire, Parks & Streets, Police, Water, & Zoning, Advertising & Promotion/Economic Development) present monthly reports. Mayor Richard McCormac presides and members of the City Council consider old/new business with budget and ordinance discussions.